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Blogging Out, Nahmeans.

Friday, October 21st, 2011

This blog has moved/morphed into FuckYeahCameraLucida.

So long WordPress and Hello Tumblr.

While FuckYeahCameraLucida is still in it’s infancy, it will evolve into a combination of images and words whereas it is just images for now. To be honest, I do like simply throwing up images on my new blog, which will continue to serve as my online inspiration wall but without my juicy tidbits of inconsequential art criticism that I am sure you will miss. Those tidbits will remain on my WP Blog, which thanks to the nature of the interweb, will be up forever and will probably prevent me from landing a job with any large financial institution. Meh.

Change your bookmarks,
follow me (tumblr speak for the uninitiated),
and get ready for oodles of mind-blowing art not made by me.

Note: The image above is not mine. It belongs to/was made by Garbiela Herman whose photo series on bloggers is definitely worth a look.