I am often asked who are my favorite photographers or whose work I like. I don’t know really. I am pretty poor at playing the favorites game–double points for obscurity–or talking about what work I like; I like a lot of work made by photographers who have been boxed in various genres. When put on the spot, I generally go big (and maybe wrong): Philip-Lorca diCorcia or Catherine Opie say. Thing is, there is work I like, then there is work that quietly influences my work, and then there is the interweb.

The great thing about surfing the web with a mouse or a pen is that you can stumble across urls belonging to artists whose work you might never encounter otherwise. My modus operandi is to bookmark the urls and plan on returning later, which inevitably I never do. I therefore decided that it might be easier for me to post the urls here, a photo or two to boot, and a few sentences about why I like what I like. My posts are purely for my reference and enjoyment but don’t let that stop you from settling in with a bag of buttered popcorn and having a jolly good time yourself.

This photograph was made by two of my favorite photographers Oliver Chanarin & Adam Broomberg.

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