If you live in New York or are planning on visiting, you still have time to catch Geoffrey Farmer’s first solo exhibition in the United States entitled Bacon’s Not The Only Thing That is Cured by Hanging from A String @ Casey Kaplan, which runs until March 19. While I might biggup a show or two (PDL @ David Zwirner is still on until March 5), I am actually just using my bloggity-blog as a series of bookmarks that are open to the public. In other words: like the artist, must remember. And I like Geoffrey Farmer’s work a lot and his very special titles. On view at the show is a photomontage entitled “Pulling Your Brains Out Through Your Nose.” What is he reading I ask myself? The Essential David Shrigley. I will let the press release wobble your brains for a minute and then I’ll chime in: “Farmer is known internationally for his projects that transform and alter over the course of their exhibitions. His installations are composed of diverse materials and various working methodologies that are rooted in research and in response to site. Farmer creates conceptual works with poetic narratives, often combining his interest in the material production of the art object with theories of psychology and dramatic presentation.” Nowhere did I see the adjectives cheeky and/or impish. Methodologies, fine. Funny, absolutely. Funny in a way that art is only on the rarest of occasions. Farmer seems to be playing a prank on his viewers or telling us a joke–you will have to see the show to figure out which–and seems to beckon us either to join him or have a chuckle ourselves. Whatever you do or is done to you, you will not disappointed by the quality of the work. It’s locked, stocked, and solidly good art.

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